Straw Bag is an Ideal Fashion Accessory for Every Woman

1. Straw Bag is a Sustainable Fashion Trend

In the last few years, the fashion industry has taken swift steps towards sustainability, they are trying to act more responsibly for the benefit of the planet and future generations . Customers are raising awareness of purchasing, they reject “fast fashion”, buy quality over quantity and make eco-friendly orders.

Fashion styles will come and go, but the trend of sustainability is here to stay! Fashion must not only look good, but also be good for our planet. There are a lot of kinds of sustainable fashion trends in which using biodegradable materials for fashion clothing is one of the popular ways. Many designers use alternative materials like organic cotton, silk, hemp, straw, organic bamboo, jute, rattan, wool, and others. These materials are environmentally friendly and also safe for the manufacturer as well as the consumers. This article will show you one Sustainable fashion accessory which are straw bags.

2. Why Straw Bag is a Must-have Item

If you are looking for a bag that is not only beautiful but also versatile, a straw bag is a good choice for any woman. Spacious and lightweight, straw bags make us look and feel like our most idealized self.  Straw bags would be the perfect choice which gives you the breezy and refreshing feel that suits those scenarios. There are a lot of sizes, shapes, designs of straw bags, all can be worn for any season and surprisingly easy to style within your budget.

3. Straw Bags are Preferred for Every Season

When we talk about straw bags, you might imagine a summer vacation or wearing them to the beach and markets. It’s rightly perfect for the summer season, however straw bags are also carried in every season.

Straw Bags are Perfect for Summertime

Summer is a straw bag’s paradise where the straw bags began and flourished. Summer and spring are just the perfect seasons to choose straw accessories for any outfit ideas (such as – straw bags, straw earrings, straw necklaces,…) over other artificial materials. You can see a lot of fashionistas wear straw bags in their summer and spring vacations. Therefore, you do not need to think too much about fixing straw bags for your clothes in these seasons. It’s the ideal addition for your next much-needed vacation, whether you’re going on an exotic tropical getaway, or just a day trip to the park.  It’s a relaxed and easy accessory to add to your summer wardrobe – it goes with everything!

Get a New Chance for Straw Bags in Autumn

Autumn is a season to get a new style with straw bags. With money being so tight these days, it seems silly to invest in a bag that you can only cart around a few months of the year. Instead of buying a new bag for autumn, you can still wear the current straw bags to enjoy your chilly nights and the vibrant earth tones you get to mirror. Speaking of layers, simply adding a colorful scarf can be a way to make your summer straw bags look suitable for fall. This is the age of customization so by adding your own charms, scarves, flair, etc. you can really make any bag your own and seasonally appropriate. A straw bag in autumn looks great when fixed with some styles such as a loose, button-up cashmere sweater or a slightly wool-esque texture and an ankle bootie! You’ve got yourself an autumnal straw bag.

Why Not Wear a Straw Bag in Winter?

Breaking rules of fashion for our own benefit, you can also wear straw bags into the winter season. You can buy a dark-colored straw bag which makes the straw bags look more winter and wear with a woolen hat. Or you can pair a straw bag with monochromes like all-black outfits made from cotton and denim. It is extremely unique and charming!

See? A straw bag is a great accessory to keep in your closet and accessible year-round. From summer to winter and back again, straw bags can be perfectly worn for every season.

4. How to Style Straw Bags

Straw bags can be worn seasonally and on any occasion. There’s so much to explore when it comes to straw bags. Styling with a straw bag is easy because it works with virtually every color and formality. Let’s get ready to learn how to style a straw bag which will help you be more confident and creative.

With Stripes and Denim

Denim is the most classic of relaxed textiles and can be fixed for a whole range of styles. You can fit your favorite pair of jeans and a striped shirt with a straw bag that will make you more active and youthful.

With a Mini Dress and Wedges

Try pairing your natural summer straw bag with classic rope wedges and white dress and going to the beach or evening out on the town is a good idea to style straw bags . 

With Sandals and a Maxi-dress/ Jumpsuit

Straw bags and sandals were practically made for each other. By wearing them together and pairing with a maxi-dress or a jumpsuit will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

With Black Skinny Jeans and Heels

A black skinny jeans and a pair of high heels can be paired perfectly with a straw bag. This outfit is both stylist and summer-appropriate which every modern woman should have in her casual lineup.

With Linen Pants and a Blouse

Pairing a straw bag with linen pants is an easy summer style! Two beautiful textures working together to make your outfit anything but ordinary. These pieces work perfectly together for a casual getup.

With a Cozy Sweater and Midi Skirt 

Sweaters are a sexy contrast to the straw bags.  If you want to look laid-back and cool without making too much effort, just style a straw bag by pairing it with a just-cozy-enough sweater and midi flared skirt. And adding a black and white sneaker, you’ve got a ladylike and approachable look. 

5. Straw Bags are Affordable within Your Budget

If you aren’t ready to invest much in purchasing a bag, you can simply choose a straw bag to enjoy the savings. The straw bags are not only budget friendly but also easily styled for all outfits from casual to party, holidays, wedding,… Instead of spending a lot buying an expensive bag, you can buy one straw bag and save the rest which makes you relaxed to decide to purchase an accessory item in the current economic circumstance. From $40 to $90, you have a bunch of options to get an affordable and beautiful straw bag.

6. Origin of Straw Bags

Honestly,  What makes the straw bag popular isn’t just in the quality and design, but the history too. In fact, the straw bag originated in France. Women would take large woven straw bags to the farmer’s markets to load up with fresh fruits and vegetables. Overtime straw bags have become more compact and luxurious. The 1950’s was the real year of the straw bag breakout. Ladies who followed fashion in that period wanted a handbag that was fun and could hold their cosmetics. There was soon a high demand for a lighter, more portable version of the broad straw beach bag. 

The straw bags didn’t get really sophisticated until later in the 90’s when high-end well-known designers started to embrace the straw bag for a collection with more affordable price points. The designs are more creative and structured with many fashion styles. And in recent years, straw bags are the favorite fashion accessory and styled perfectly with a lot of outfits. For now, straw bags are manufactured in a lot Asia countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, India,…

7. Materials to Make Straw Bags

The straw bags are made from sustainable materials and handcrafted with care in details. The straw bag is not just limited to one type of material either. Straw bags can consist of corn husks, regular straw, or crocheted paper. This contributes to the sturdiness of the bag, and how creative the basket weaves can get. The majority of straw bags are woven from raffia which is made from sun-dried palm leaves and is soft to the touch and finely woven. Depending on what type of material used, the bag can be sack-like or structured solid. The materials used can really show off details like embroidery or knit. These materials are friendly with our environment, world and safe for not only customers but also the people who created the straw bags.

Sometimes, the straw bags can be mixed with other materials such as leather, pearl, cotton,…to make the bag more luxurious and stylish. 

8. How to Take Care of Straw Bags

Caring for your clothes is caring for the environment. This article will share with you some notes to take care of your straw bags.


  • Grab your bags and take out any of your items all inside its pockets/ zippers and shake it well upside-down to remove the existing dirt, roll the straps in and put a rubber tie around it so the straps will not tangle your bags.
  • Moisten a clean cloth with lukewarm water to wipe two sides of the straw bags.
  • Brighten the color of your straw bags by dipping  a soft toothbrush in the soap and water mixture. Gently rub the stained area following the grain of the straw. After that, use a clean white cotton cloth to remove any soap residue and air dry it.
  • If you have a colored bag such as black, white, yellow,…, make sure to only use clean cotton cloth and cold water to clean instead of oil soap or regular soap. This to protect the dye and coating that is on the surface.

Notes: Do not wash, use bleach, iron, dry clean, tumble dry.


  • Best to keep it indoors, out of bright sunlight. A long exposure to sunlight can cause the fibers to become dry and brittle.
  • Keep your straw purses away from high-humidity areas which can cause the woven fiber to swell and distort. Also, a too dry area can make the woven straw brittle and prone to damage.
  • Store it in a non-air conditioned space.
  • To prevent dust, better store woven straw in a cotton or fabrics storage container and Put your straw bags out of storage every 2-3 months to allow them to breathe.
  • To keep your straw bags in shape by stuffing them with paper when not in use.
  • Don’t use plastic bags to store straw bags! Because the plastic can melt or stick on your bags overtime and this can break the coating on the surface of straw bags.
  • Do not hang, store straw bags upright or lie flat in the closet to preserve shape.


  • Remember to always put your makeup (mascara, lipstick, blush,…) in a separate small pouch inside to avoid dirtying the lining of the bag or the bag itself. 
  • Do not put too heavy inside, the natural material will not be able to hold heavy objects and the bag may change its shape or deteriorate. 

9. Final Thoughts

A straw bag is the hottest accessory to own this year, it’s totally trendy and fun. There are plenty of options across all price points and styles. Straw bags are just an ideal match to carry on your things in a very neat but fashionable manner. From dressier options to wedding collections and casual wear, from summer to winter, you can simply style a straw bag. Such a versatile and affordable bag that every woman should have it in their closet.