• $108.95

    [{“name”:”Gina”,”descrition”:”I’ve seen this bag before and i must say that the price were higher and the quality not so great, but it was from a different brand. However, i’ve decided to order from closet rituals since I have a good experience with them and with their customer service. I don’t regret at all! IT’S COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!”},{“name”:”Cassie”,”descrition”:”my favourite evening bag! I’m totally in love”},{“name”:”Maryann”,”descrition”:”very sophisticated and elegant bag”},{“name”:”carry”,”descrition”:”
    I love this purse! It’s not too big and not too small just perfect size”}]

  • $102.95

    [{“name”:”Layne”,”descrition”:”Much better than photo. Quite a good size!”},{“name”:”Linda E. W.”,”descrition”:”Love this purse, hold everything and yet it’s still a perfect size.”}]

  • $97.95

    [{“name”:”Camilla”,”descrition”:”Everytime I wear this bag, I receive tons of compliments! amazing product”},{“name”:”Andrea”,”descrition”:”This bag is simply gorgeous! I looove the metal strap”},{“name”:”natalie”,”descrition”:”Very happy with my purchase. Lovely bag.”}]

  • $107.95

    [{“name”:”Tom”,”descrition”:”My wife added this to my cart and I didn’t realize it until after I placed the order. My wife is very happy, great bag”},{“name”:”Bonnie”,”descrition”:”THE PRO: Beautiful. Perfect size to carry essentials and then some.”},{“name”:”juliet”,”descrition”:”guys I’m in loveeeeee with this bag!! yall should get at least one of this!!!”}]

  • $103.95

    [{“name”:”Valerie J.”,”descrition”:”I’m obsessed with mine!!!! I always get compliments on my bag, that’s how gorgeous it is”},{“name”:”Tamar”,”descrition”:” I ordered the light khaki bag and it is stunning. It is a perfect spring and summer accessory.”},{“name”:”tiffany”,”descrition”:”This bag is soooo beautiful!!! great quality!!! I love it”}]

  • $105.95

    [{“name”:”Ezra R.”,”descrition”:”Not too small, great size for essentials.”},{“name”:”Jessica”,”descrition”:”This bag style is my all time favorite. Totally worth the price.”},{“name”:”Kristen”,”descrition”:”
    This is a great bag – such a useful size and shape. Fits all the necessities without being overly bulky. I bought the Starts pattern which coordinates with so many items in my wardrobe!!”}]

  • $113.95

    [{“name”:”Hope”,”descrition”:”Wasn’t sure about this bag viewing it online here. But its really quite adorable!”},{“name”:”Linda”,”descrition”:”Gorgeous bag. Good material and nice design. Looks exactly like in the photos.”}]

  • $111.95

    [{“name”:”Cali B.”,”descrition”:”adorable purse! Fast shipping thought”},{“name”:”Diane”,”descrition”:”such a lovely purse! going to buy more colours”},{“name”:”christina”,”descrition”:”
    This purse is awesome. Came in exactly how it shows and it is real!! Thank you so much. I highly recommend.”}]

  • $112.95

    [{“name”:”Julianne”,”descrition”:”the most comfy bag I have every owned! Will order more colors”},{“name”:”Glinda L.”,”descrition”:”The jolly cupid bag is very well made and an excellent price for the quality. i saw a very similar bag in a local shop for 3X the price! Customer service was wonderful and efficient. I received the wrong color bag the first time and the exchange for the correct color was seamless.”},{“name”:”Irene T.”,”descrition”:”Its ok alittle big but I usually have alot of stuff when I go overnite. Its very sturdy and very unique. Irene Trujillo”}]

  • $104.95

    [{“name”:”Monica”,”descrition”:”I like the shape and the thick strap, great bag!”},{“name”:”Sherri R.”,”descrition”:”Exactly as described!! my sister now wants the same bag :)”},{“name”:”Laurie”,”descrition”:”I love the pastel colours, looks incredible! go buy it!”},{“name”:”Shana B.”,”descrition”:”Great looking purse.”}]

  • $111.95

    [{“name”:”Rose”,”descrition”:”An excellent bag, even without considering its low price.”},{“name”:”tricia”,”descrition”:”This bag is gorgeous well packaged well made .”}]

  • $137.95

    [{“name”:”Sharon”,”descrition”:”Love this beautiful purse! It’s a stunning Yellow color and very stylish”},{“name”:”Marilyn”,”descrition”:”the design is stunning, the bag is gorgeous, I’m thinking of ordering some other color”},{“name”:”lizzie”,”descrition”:”
    It is a perfect size and very attractive. Highly recommend it!”}]

  • $116.95

    [{“name”:”Lynda”,”descrition”:”Bought this bag for my teenage daughter and she is crazy about it! Goes everywhere with it”},{“name”:”Maria”,”descrition”:”I LOVE this bag! I’ve been wanting a nice black ‘bucket’ style and this fit the bill.”},{“name”:”caroline”,”descrition”:”Absolutely love it, exactly what I was expecting. Beautiful and bright.”}]

  • $111.95

    [{“name”:”Janet E.”,”descrition”:”This is a beautiful, practical purse.”},{“name”:”Bonnie”,”descrition”:”nice bag! catches attention”},{“name”:”Charlotte”,”descrition”:”The product is really nice. The texture of the bag is really smooth and the grey colour also very nice.”},{“name”:”Christine”,”descrition”:”I loved this bag !The finish the texture on the front , the design ,the zip quality and the material everything is worth each penny !”},{“name”:”Crystal”,”descrition”:”Simply versatile bag with its grey colour, perfect for daily routines.”}]

  • $114.95

    [{“name”:”Margie M.”,”descrition”:”Very trendy purse. A little small just have to decide what you need in it.”},{“name”:”Vickie C.”,”descrition”:”It’s a very good product. I just love it.”},{“name”:”Sharon R.”,”descrition”:”Good!”}]

  • $117.95

    [{“name”:”Margaret”,”descrition”:”really nice bag, I love all the details, the size and how comfortable it is to me!”},{“name”:”Julie”,”descrition”:”Absolutely love this! It’s small and perfect for work or if you are going out and don’t want to carry a big purse fits my money and phone and credit cards and will fit a few more items.”},{“name”:”Dianne P.”,”descrition”:”I love the shape and style but much too small for an everyday bag for me. Especially when my husband wants me to carry his wallet and phone!”}]

  • $118.95

    [{“name”:”Robin”,”descrition”:”This is a very cool bag. Have the brown one, looks amazing!”},{“name”:”Karen”,”descrition”:”I love the thick colourful strap of this bag! Looks so amazing with my white shirts and jeans”}]

  • $115.95

    [{“name”:”Andrea”,”descrition”:”TOP bag! looks so good and sophisticated”},{“name”:”Tom”,”descrition”:”I got a fashionable bag which was the right size for my girlfriend with her favorite color !”},{“name”:”Lauren M.”,”descrition”:”I was looking for something I could use for going out with my girlfriends for a lunch/brunch and that I could wear at evenings also. This bag has a casual touch on it that fits to almost every ocasion.”},{“name”:”Kim”,”descrition”:”Ok, for what you pay for this purse it has blown me away! First I get compliments on it literally every day. Second, look how gorgeous it is! Looks even better than the pictures, a must!”}]

  • $117.95

    [{“image”:”https://images.loox.io/uploads/2019/12/27/NyRWTXyyd.jpg”,”name”:”abbie w.”,”descrition”:”Perfect for everyday use.”},{“image”:”https://images.loox.io/uploads/2019/12/27/VyVA2myJ_.jpg”,”name”:”Abbie W.”,”descrition”:”Perfect for everyday use.”},{“image”:”https://images.loox.io/uploads/2019/12/27/4Jqsh71J_.jpg”,”name”:”P. P.”,”descrition”:”Very happy with this bag. It’s a smaller size, which is what I wanted. No problems with it; quality is fine. No weird chemical smell that some purses have. I’m satisfied.”},{“image”:”https://images.loox.io/uploads/2019/12/27/4ybSn71yO.jpg”,”name”:”Ann B.”,”descrition”:”I have used this purse for months, and it looks brand new. It is small. That’s why I bought it. It is well constructed. When people see this purse they think it’s from one of the higher end purse shops. The closure is snug and hasn’t failed one time. This is what I carry in it: my Coach wallet (the type that folds in half), a small hair brush, my calendar, two pens, my small tissue pack, breath mints. The strap handle is adjustable. If you need a crossbody small purse, this might be an excellent…”},{“image”:”https://images.loox.io/uploads/2019/12/27/Ek0b3mJk_.jpg”,”name”:”Michelle E.”,”descrition”:”I love this bag! So cute and just the right size for must haves like sunglasses, wallet keys and phone :)”},{“name”:”Lorraine a.”,”descrition”:”Absolutely a beautiful purse. I will buy more.”}]

  • $101.95

    [{“name”:”Gaby”,”descrition”:”simply gorgeous bag! all my friends love it so much!”},{“name”:”Lydia”,”descrition”:”This bag is so cute, it’s the perfect size. It has a lot of space. I wear it everywhere all the time and it’s still in good condition”}]

  • $109.95

    [{“name”:”Charlotte”,”descrition”:”I was so excited when I received it, could be a bit bigger but apart that- perfect”},{“name”:”Terry A.”,”descrition”:”It’s smaller than I though it would be but is just the right size. I love the shape and color. I was initially buy the purse for my niece’s birthday and wound up getting one for myself and my sister and we all three love it!”},{“name”:”Jeannie V.”,”descrition”:”Was looking for a smaller then I am use to caring. This bag caught my eye right off. Just kept going back to it. So glad I decided to get it. Just love the green I picked. Perfect.”}]

  • $109.95

    [{“name”:”claire w.”,”descrition”:”so pratical and easy to carry around! I always put my makeup and phone in there and i still have some room for a wallet or something else.”},{“name”:”Andrea”,”descrition”:”This is exactly what I was looking for! Fits my cellphone, keys and some lipstick”}]

  • $102.95

    [{“image”:”https://images.loox.io/uploads/2020/4/1/NyXU8IGaLu.jpg”,”name”:”Rebecca S.”,”descrition”:”Super happy! Thank you!”},{“name”:”Katy”,”descrition”:”love the tassels and all the elegant details, my favourite bag this summer!”},{“name”:”Sonya”,”descrition”:”I really like this bag. It’s large enough to fit small things that I take to work every day”},{“name”:”Dolly R.”,”descrition”:”I just received by brown bag. Looks great, but it’d be perfect if it was bigger.”}]

  • $101.95

    [{“name”:”Kathryn”,”descrition”:”beautiful, classic bag”},{“name”:”Cassie”,”descrition”:”This is my first Closet Rituals shoulder bag and I am very happy with it. Looks so beautiful!”},{“name”:”Jessie”,”descrition”:”this elegant bag is stunning! a must for your cocktail evenings”},{“name”:”larissa”,”descrition”:”This little bag holds so much! I got the grey color but I’m thinking of getting the pink one as well, because it’s just gorgeus!!”}]