cross necklaces

  • $139.95

    [{“image”:””,”name”:”Gina R.”,”descrition”:”Beautiful”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Traci M.”,”descrition”:”This I received and I love it.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Nicole D.”,”descrition”:”favorite prayer then used as prayer card when uncle passed- even though I know he is with me every day I feel like he is even closer now. been looking for one for so long!! so happy to finally have it!!”},{“name”:”George S.”,”descrition”:”Great stocking stuffers!!!”},{“name”:”Lisa B.”,”descrition”:”I absolutely love this!!”},{“name”:”Robin C.”,”descrition”:”Good weight, looks exactly like the ad. I keep this hanging from my rear view mirror.”}]

  • $154.95$159.95

    [{“name”:”Michelle P.”,”descrition”:”I love how it looks a nd the sturdiness of it is wonderful also the chain that you have on it is great for working purposes. My mother wants one the same color which was blue and especially the chain. She works at a hospital and it is hard for her to wear necklaces because the gains are too thin! I told her that I would eventually get her one”}]

  • $144.95


  • $129.95

    [{“image”:””,”name”:”Cindy M.”,”descrition”:”I seen this necklace style on someone else and loved it. I really don’t think it is 18 k Gold plated but it is still the symbolism I wanted. I wear it almost everyday.”}]