aquamarine rings

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    [{“image”:””,”name”:”Otto S.”,”descrition”:”Nice ring i got it for a friend and she loves it”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Christaniel T.”,”descrition”:”I love my birth stone ring and all of the compliments I receive from wearing it!!!”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Marcello D.”,”descrition”:”great gift”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Sonia K.”,”descrition”:”I have received several compliments on this ring. I love it.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Tara F.”,”descrition”:”I love the ring it was a little heavy on my hand begin with what I’ve gotten used to it I love wearing my birthstone as much as I can.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Tia J.”,”descrition”:”I received my ring on the mail yesterday. I love it. It’s a little darker than I expected however I love it. The price was awesome. Happy early birthday to me.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Kathy K.”,”descrition”:”I love my ring & get wonderful compliments on it all the time!”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Shelly C.”,”descrition”:”Beautiful ring many compliments.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Bree D.”,”descrition”:”I originally bought a size that was too small and they were very easy to communicate with to get a size exchange. I got the right size in the mail after just a few days. Great price. Love the look!”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Trina L.”,”descrition”:”Absolutely love the ring!!”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Courtney J.”,”descrition”:”This ring is a little bulkier than I thought but it’s a very pretty and sparkly ring. The large stone is way too dark to be true aquamarine but it’s still very pretty! Great buy!”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Stacey G.”,”descrition”:”Love it. Beautiful, love the contrast.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Sarah S.”,”descrition”:”I love the quality! I never can usually order rings and them fit perfect but this one did!”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Penny S.”,”descrition”:”I have a hard time finding rings that hold up to my daily use. Can’t use gold or silver plated, ginger turns green but not with this and is perfect compliment to my wedding ring!”},{“name”:”Karen M.”,”descrition”:”Love this ring but should have picked a size 8 instead of a 7.
    I gave it to my daughter.”},{“name”:”Linda L.”,”descrition”:”Get a lot of complements. It would be nice if earrings to match were available.”},{“name”:”RONALD K.”,”descrition”:”Wife loves it”},{“name”:”Michael M.”,”descrition”:”Came in missing a gem. But customer service was amazing and very easy to deal with. And sent a new one out. I’d order again.”},{“name”:”Kim R.”,”descrition”:”It was given as a Birthday gift to a 16 year old girl and she absolutely loved it.”},{“name”:”sarah t.”,”descrition”:”I love it so many compliments πŸ’ž”}]

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    [{“image”:””,”name”:”Barbara G.”,”descrition”:”Getting lots of compliments. Very unique and pretty. Love the rose gold!”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Lori M.”,”descrition”:”My niece loves her ring. And it fit perfect. Thanks beautiful.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”wilson k.”,”descrition”:”It came within a reasonable amount of time. The right size, and everything I expected.”},{“name”:”Sue W.”,”descrition”:”I love the way the ring looks. It was the worth the the price.”},{“name”:”Jackie W.”,”descrition”:”My birthday is March 17th, so this was a birthday present to myself. I opened thr package immediatly, was delighted at the appearance put it on, it fit perfectly, have not taken it off since!”},{“name”:”Angela J.”,”descrition”:”I got this ring to wear as a new engagement ring, thought it would fit but i needed a 5 & a half, but I don’t see half sizes. Anyway it fits my other hand beautifully and 😻”},{“name”:”Thomas M.”,”descrition”:”it’s what she wanted. it’s what she got. she wears it every day!”},{“name”:”Connie R.”,”descrition”:”It’s pretty!”},{“name”:”Gail R.”,”descrition”:”Pretty ring. Have worn several times..”},{“name”:”Linda K.”,”descrition”:”This ring is beautiful! I bought it as a birthday gift for myself because, really, a woman doesn’t need to wait for a man to buy her jewelry. I’ve had endless compliments on this ring.”},{“name”:”Rene B.”,”descrition”:”The stone is not blue clear through, although it is pretty. I have been wearing it on my little finger as I wasn’t paying attention to the ring size. It’s a nice piece of jewelry for my March Birthday!”},{“name”:”Pamela W.”,”descrition”:”I absolutely love the ring. I will be watching for more similar to it”},{“name”:”Roxana B.”,”descrition”:”Very pretty and feminine. Love ‘n It.”},{“name”:”Lucille M.”,”descrition”:”I wear it every day and get so many comments about how beautiful it is.”},{“name”:”Angela D.”,”descrition”:”The ring is beautiful and was reasonably priced.”},{“name”:”Melonie G.”,”descrition”:”It’s just nice, doesn’t look as fab as the picture”},{“name”:”Mary K.”,”descrition”:”I love my ring, and have received so many compliments on it. The stone and setting both!”},{“name”:”Janine R.”,”descrition”:”Very pretty fits great”},{“name”:”Jane M.”,”descrition”:”It is beautiful and I love it.”},{“name”:”Betty M.”,”descrition”:”Beautiful ring. It looks like an expensive piece of fine jewelry.”}]

  • $129.95$164.95

    [{“image”:””,”name”:”ELEANOR F.”,”descrition”:”I love this ring! It’s very pretty and I get a lot of compliments on it! It seemed a little tight, and I wear a 7, so that was my only critique. I love it and wear often!”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Meredith A.”,”descrition”:”So pretty. I have natural opals and this looks very realistic.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Eleanor F.”,”descrition”:”I ordered this after much deliberation , but since I received it, I love it! Very sparkly and pretty!”},{“name”:”Marian B.”,”descrition”:”Lovely”},{“name”:”Lisa M.”,”descrition”:”I have received so many compliments on this ring. I am very happy with it.”},{“name”:”Sheree F.”,”descrition”:”I purchased this for a friend, it was her birthday and she said she loved it. So i saw it a few days later. Very pretty. Shes happy. Thats all that matters. Thank you, Sheree F”},{“name”:”Cheryl F.”,”descrition”:”I love my opal ring. Very showy and pretty.”},{“name”:”Homer B.”,”descrition”:”The ring is super beautiful and she loves it.”},{“name”:”Trisha F.”,”descrition”:”Just a new, special jewelry piece! This is my first order actually!”}]

  • $139.95$159.95

    [{“image”:””,”name”:”Elizabeth S.”,”descrition”:”It is very beautiful”},{“image”:””,”name”:”Janet M.”,”descrition”:”I’m a March Irish baby and love Aquamarine. The ring was lovely, just a little smaller than I had expected.”},{“image”:””,”name”:”ashley B.”,”descrition”:”I absolutely love this ring. My favorite!!!”},{“name”:”Connie V.”,”descrition”:”This is a lovely ring! My only disappointment about it is that it didn’t come in a size 11. The largest, a size 10, only fits my pinky finger. My hands may be small, but fingers are pudgy.”},{“name”:”Eileen S.”,”descrition”:”I absolutely love it”},{“name”:”Kimberly B.”,”descrition”:”Very happy with my purchase.”},{“name”:”Babette H.”,”descrition”:”Great company ! Loved my ring, and timing was great !”}]

  • $129.95$159.95

    [{“image”:””,”name”:”Jane S.”,”descrition”:”I love my aquamarine butterfly birthstone ring. It’s heavier then I thought it would be for the price. All my family & friends love it and all my March Birthdays buddies are jealous of my ring.
    One of my best purchase ever.”},{“name”:”Twana Y.”,”descrition”:”I love and thoroughly enjoy all the jewelry I have purchased from your company!!”},{“name”:”Tammy J.”,”descrition”:”Got lots of compliments on it”},{“name”:”Cindy D.”,”descrition”:”I loved it i have been getting so many compliments on my butterfly ring. Pretty blue. Very pleased!!!!”},{“name”:”Debi L.”,”descrition”:”I Love, Love,Love my ring!! It was so inexpensive and quickly delivered!! It was the best 50th Birthday present ever!! I wear it everyday and it’s standing up to the wear and tear of working in a kitchen and even hand washing dishes!! I recommend it to everyone!!❀❀❀❀”},{“name”:”TARA M.”,”descrition”:”Perfect butterfly ring!”},{“name”:”nora j.”,”descrition”:”i love it. i dont have access to send pic of it on my hand. i have recieved many questions where i purchased it and gave out your website”},{“name”:”Judy H.”,”descrition”:”I really am enjoying my ring. I like butterflies, and I am partial to the colors of aqua and teal is my favorite color of all. Thank you!”}]

  • $134.95$154.95

    [{“image”:””,”name”:”Hilary T.”,”descrition”:”My grandmother wore aquamarine. I bought it to honor her. It’s a bug chunky piece. Fun to wear.”},{“name”:”Nancy M.”,”descrition”:”Love this ring, I had Soo many compliments on it too. Good size stone too. Can you make a pendant to match this beautiful ring and earrings too. All your products are fantastic.”},{“name”:”Sami R.”,”descrition”:”Great piece”},{“name”:”Christine P.”,”descrition”:”True aquamarine color
    Very beautiful ring very happy.”}]

  • $139.95$159.95

    [{“image”:””,”name”:”Courtney J.”,”descrition”:”As soon as I tried it on I was in L❀️Ve with this ring. It’s so beautiful and I love the detail. This ring goes great with my Pisces necklace! Highly recommended!”},{“name”:”dana h.”,”descrition”:”Beautiful ring!!! Wear it very dressy or casual with jeans. So versatile.”},{“name”:”Julianne C.”,”descrition”:”It is absolutely beautiful. I gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day.”}]

  • $139.95$164.95